A long day fixed with prawns

In the office early this morning and late out – thanks in large part to… Top Gear Australia demanding the seemingly impossible: a scrap yard shredding cars when most are in shutdown / maintenance at this time of year.

Home to screaming kids too. They’re still struggling with the new routine of full time nursery. That meant by the time they were down it was too late to ring the child tax credit people – with a looming deadline of 31 July. Aargh!

The solution? Prawns. Why? Because I like them and if I use a jar I can have a prawn curry in 15 mins. Apparently their high zinc content promotes healthy sperm. I’m not sure that’s a good thing with the kids the way they are at the moment! See Sun story here: http://bit.ly/b9N7up.

The story has got me thinking: do people believe that ‘fix your life today by having dish x or dish y’ works, or do they understand it’s a long term effect and that they just need a balanced diet? Or does it just confuse people so they don’t change their habits at all?

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2 thoughts on “A long day fixed with prawns

  1. Or, if you want to be much more realistic, eating prawns equates to a tasty meal and thats about it 😛

    seriously though, aside from the story being in the Sun it’s the advice of a dietician the same school of thoughts as nutrionists and frankly snake oil salemen.

    If you haven’t already then i suggest reading bad science by Ben Goldacre or visiting badscience.net

    Most of this stuff isn’t even a case of a long term effect, it’s often based on lab tests that shouldn’t be applied to real world situations and at the worst mis representing real reasearch etc.

  2. The world seems to revolve around such fixes as ‘fix your life today by having dish x or dish y’ or ‘fix your life by eating cereal for a fortnight ‘ whereas if everyone stopped worrying so much life wouldn’t need so much fixing.


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