So, our esteemed new #government is scrapping the targets set for sports governing bodies which were a big reason for hosting the #Olympics. It goes like this: people are inspired by elite athletes doing well. When #ChrisHoy won a bunch of cycling golds in 2008 kids up and down the country grabbed their bikes and raced around the cul-de-sacs of middle England. It stops them getting fat and it gets them out in the real world.

Understanding this, the Dept for Culture, Media and Sport (through bodies like #Sport England) set tough targets for sports governing bodies: they wanted 2 million more people excercising regularly. Funding for governing bodies was given on the basis of their ability to deliver towards these targets.

So half way through the programme the targets have been scrapped ( I’m sure the funding will disappear too.

But what about the money that’s already been spent? Is anyone going to measure the success so far? Surely it would have been better value to cut funding based on success so far?

And wasn’t a legacy of a sporting nation a big reason for bringing the #Olympics to London in the first place? Yet Olympic funding has been given the green light…

I love coherent thinking me.


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