Washing Machine Ate my Pockets; and spinach

There’s been some spinach knocking about in our fridge for, err, too long. Creamed spinach sounds awful but is great. I used the recipe from Nigel’s Slater’s Tender book but this Hugh Fearnley-Wotsit one is pretty much the same:  http://bit.ly/dSjL13

Definitely a good used of almost-at-the-point-where-you-should-chuck-it spinach. And it works well as a pasta sauce (well, I liked it. The kids less so…)

Oh, and it was quick too. And it clearly gave me Popeye-like strength, which was handy for fixing the washing machine. The drain pipe was blocked… with a pocket it had ripped off a pair of jeans :0


#recipes #lovefoodhatewaste #food


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