Reduced shelf roulette

I wonder if the reduced shelf in your local supermarket’s like ours: always bursting to the seams with quite fatty (ie ‘thin’ end) belly pork. I don’t buy it much because I’ve never been quite sure of what to do with it.

I bought some a while ago, stuffed it in the freezer and took it out to cook over the weekend. Come Sunday night it’s still there and the kids are going crazy. And I have a week’s shirts to iron. And I’d like to get out on the bike for  a few mins before hitting the hay.

So: something quick with a meat like this? Not going to happen! It needs to cook slowly. Hugh f-w suggests pork rillons. Nice idea. But the recipe is too fussy so I mess with it. Here’s what’s in the oven right now:

– Pork belly (thin end) cut into cubes (about 300g)

– 2 cloves of garlic chopped finely

– A good sprinkling of thyme

– Thrown in a baking tray with some water and a tiny bit of apple juice in the bottom.


It went in hot (220c) to start with for 30 mins while we put the kids to bed. Then down to 150c for an hour and a half while I iron and write this.

Also from the reduced shelf this week: swede.  So it’s chating pork rillons and creamed swede for tea in a minute. I think it sounds great. We’ll soon see if it works. My only thought is that the swede might be better with a bit of a kick. Not horseradish but something like that. Ideas?



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