Even better than the real thing? Leftovers

the leftover-maker

Dressing: turns the beans into something special

Sometimes the meal you hash together with leftovers is better than the original. And sometimes one tiny detail makes all the difference. Tonight is such a case in point. Yesterday was roast pork. Which meant today was leftover potatoes, cold pork, stuffing and some bits knocking about in the fridge. And the dressing for a simple French bean salad is the detail which kicks the whole thing off to make it SO much better than the sum of its parts:

– Fried new potatoes

– Leftover rocket salad from Saturday

– Pork with stuffing and apple sauce

– Green beans with french dressing*

– Saturday’s bread warmed up again to mop everything up.

* Simple and such a star that it deserves a quick recipe. It goes like this: cook beans and toss in French dressing**

** The key is the recipe for this. And I think the secret is probably the sugar. So make lots, pop the spare in the fridge and use for everything until you get fed up with it. As Run DMC would say – it goes a little something like this:

– Take an old jar or bottle and pop in 175ml oil, 45ml of vinegar (it’s supposed to be white wine but I only had balsmic), 2 teaspoons of dijon mustard and half a teaspoon of suger. Put the lid on and mix like hell for a few seconds. Pour over beans and mix. Put the rest in the fridge.


This meal has restored my faith in leftovers. The whole lot pulled together to make a tremendous meal. Goodbye dried up shrivelly ‘it’ll do’ meals and soup.

It got me thinking about other things to do with leftovers – which in turn has got me thinking about food waste. There’s some great other ideas for what to do with leftovers at Love Food Hate Waste.


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