Learning a lottle

To put it the Canadian way… So anyways today we learned a little.

I’ve been playing with the commute and today have failed. I rode in and followed my head rather than intuition… The 2nd narrows bridge over to town looks like the shortest route. It IS the shortest route. But it’s also horrible: all height lost in first 2 mins so the rest is a slog. Narrow (as the name might suggest….) busy bridge with an industrial view, an earl morning view of Eastside…. And it actually took longer than Friday’s Lion’s Gate pleasantness.

A late finish tonight and I was all ready for taking the seabus back to the North Shore. Except the seabus is only every 30 mins after 18.46. Doh! I feel pizza and a good check of the seabus timetable website coming on the other side. And a short blog post to while away the time of course!



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