Are we anywhere near being settled yet?

Today a friend from the UK asked if, 4 weeks in, we’re anywhere near settled in Vancouver yet.

The answer, to paraphrase another friend, is ‘meh’.

Today we’re rocking. Yesterday I wasn’t.

Meh means no because…
– Sprog 1 started school only yesterday. He thinks it’s great because they do no work. *rumble* That is the sound of reality approaching.
– The UK taxman can’t figure us out yet.
– I still get a bit confused by time zones.

Meh means yes because:
– Meh can mean Mountain Equipment Helps. Our first visit to this outdoor Canadian icon made me feel much better
– We had a great time with our first visitor at the weekend. We did get lost though
– I have realised that riding a bike with 1 gear up to Lynn Valley every day is quite tiring. So I’m writing this from the bus, to which my bike is attached. Lovely stuff. And a lovely view 🙂



One thought on “Are we anywhere near being settled yet?

  1. Bike attached to the outside of the bus? Struggling to come up with sensible ideas about how bike is attached. End of day, brain given up, and now gone a bit silly. X

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