Why *yawn* west is best if you’re early


This evening I dropped off some video work we’ve done with a client at her home. “You’re working late,” she said. It wasn’t late.

On the drive home, there wasn’t much traffic either – at a time where in the UK rush hour would barely be over. Then I got thinking… no matter how early I ride into work, there is always someone else riding in too.

Thinking a bit more, I’ve been getting frustrated that I can never catch our clients that work on MST (yes, there is a bit of BC that likes to pretend it’s in Alberta and is in the ‘wrong’ timezone). The solution is clear: work earlier, finish earlier.

So I started doing some research: does the west coast live an ‘earlier’ day? And does the east coast work later, effectively ‘reducing’ the time difference. I can’t find any useful research, but the anecdotal evidence is yes. Just today – and before I started thinking about this, a fried said that he wouldn’t be much of a riding buddy because he ‘rides at 6am for half an hour in the week’. And then I found this piece by CNBC’s Julia Boorstin giving a bunch of reasons why earlier is better.

… and I’m sure I never do anything useful after 9pm anyway in the week. So there we have it: a new month’s (Chinese New Year’s?) resolution: get up earlier, work earlier, get home earlier.

This is going to be tough to start in February.


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