Better than your average province

I was once asked why on earth, of all the Canadian provinces, I wanted to live in BC. Especially on the coast, the famous home of perpetual rain and ‘miserable’ summers.

Vancouverites have their own neat ways of covering off this argument from their easterly brethren. They like the rain, they say. They mutter something about ‘liquid sunshine’. And don’t forget it wouldn’t be so green without all this moisture.

The reality is that BC’s hard-fought reputation as a damp and ‘meh’-temperatured squib is complete rubbish. And anyone that believes it just has one more thing to add to the list of excuses to get out around the province.

Everyone in Vancouver will tell you that spring finally sprung last week. Try telling that to the residents of Charlie Lake, near Fort St John. “Aargh. When will this frickin’ winter be over,” were the exact words of a friend there today.

Winter soldiers on at Charlie Lake near Fort St John

Winter sky. Winter snow. Yes, it’s still winter during rush hour on the Alaksa Highway. The plus side? No touristy RVs yet

Meanwhile in Kamloops the sun is out and (for those of us not used to warm weather) so are the shorts. Summer there is definitely on the way.

A looky out of the office window in Kamloops last week. Warm? Check. Dry? Check. Love the deserty goodness

What this all adds up to is a brilliant illustration of what makes BC a great place to be – the variety. None of this inescapable minus-30-for-half-the-year rubbish of the other provinces. Or indeed plus-30-for-the-rest-of-the-year rubbish either.

When we were trying to move here, it was tempting at times to search outside of BC. Yes, I thought Calgary may be a good option. If you are thinking the same thing, don’t do it. BC is worth the wait.

And if you’re fed up with the weather in Vancouver and the lower mainland then get out a bit. Travelling with work can be a bit wearing sometimes but it’s truly taught me about the unique variety BC offers.

Gratuitous Vancouver summer pic. Paragliders off the side of Grouse Mountain


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