Three reasons why Canada needs you

More than 20% of people in Canada weren’t born here (fact fans find more here) and since the dawn of colonisation more and more people have been arriving from abroad.

You might think such a resource rich and young country (most of Vancouver’s suburbs have grown from very little within living memory) would be keen to attract the very best talent from around the world. But the limits on immigration have been getting tighter, and the whole system is expected to get a refresh in January 2015.

Despite all that, it is still possible for most people to get work here. I may be biased, but here are 3 reasons why this country needs new immigrants far into the future:

1. A shallow labour pool.
If you have ever tried to recruit people anywhere you’ll know how hard it is to find the right people. Now try doing that when the nearest big city is several hours drive or flight away and the whole country only has about 35 million people. To grow, this place needs fresh talent.

2. Keeping what’s good good.
One of the greatest things about the place is the mix of people from all over. Keeping that fresh means more new people. Don’t just take my word for it, believe someone else too.

3. The place can only grow.
It’s true that there is huge potential for Canada’s communities to grow. At the moment all of the major cities are on the southern border. But all of the resources are further north. That represents a huge opportunity for Canada to grow steadily and in a sustainable way. But that can only happen with immigration. It’s a hot topic right now because of pipelines and such, but it’s hardly a new idea.

So there you have it. Moving to Canada is not only possible, it actually does the country a favour…


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